Friday, October 19, 2007


Wow, people - I can't believe we've already reached 24 weeks! It seemed like a million miles away a few months ago, and now...the end is in sight. We've actually reached the first viability milestone. Baby's room - here i come! I actually feel like I can work in there and am not as freaked out about it. I know, the babies will be born in about 10 weeks - just around the corner. But you gotta understand the paralyzing fear I've had. Now...I feel some confidence about things. Still cautious, of course. But a huge amount of the fear feels like it has been lifted. I found this 24 week triplets medical poster - look how cool this looks - those poor babies are cramped in there!!

These babies continue to be very active, which is great. Sometimes it feels like popcorn popping inside my belly. Of course, it feels like this early in the morning and late at night (like right now) so it inevitably wakes me up if I am sleeping. But that's OK, since half the time I'm already awake because I either have to pee, my hips hurt, or I need a PB & J. :)
This week has been pretty good.
We got a crib and mattress delivered (a generous shower gift - thank you, B) except it was actually delivered to our single male neighbor, which was funny. He usually has to bring us any UPS or FedEx deliveries because the delivery people always seem to be confused by our addresses but now that baby stuff is coming every day, he is laughing at how much stuff he is getting. Its nice for me though, because he always brings it in the house for me (instead of leaving it on the doorstep like the UPS guy). Since I can't lift anything, this arrangement works out nicely for me - sorry Stan! He's being a good sport about it. :)
We took a trip to Once Upon a Child and we found our double stroller frame 'gently used' for less than half-off which is great! We're really hunting for deals and finding deals like this helps so much!

On Thursday, our friends Sandy & Andy (and their baby) brought us dinner. She called at the beginning of the week to arrange it and I was so excited and looking forward to it all week! They did everything, including prepare the meal AND did all the dishes. What a nice break for Brian and what a treat for me! Its so nice to have someone else's home cooking - it was DELICIOUS!!! AND...Sandy made enough for another whole meal that we could either eat or freeze which saves Brian another night of cooking. Nice thinking, San! Thank you guys!!!
We are so blessed to have so many people willing to help with things we need. Thanks to all of you who have offered and helped with things we need like shopping, bringing food, sending supportive mail/e-mail and phone calls. Every little bit helps so much. Thank you!!!

Pregnancy wise, the 24th week has brought more pain. Its just getting harder every day. My lower back pain is just crazy. I feel almost like I have a pinched nerve or something. Also, I am experiencing numbness in my hands - mostly on my left side. I wonder if this is because I am left handed and I use that hand more? Something to ask about at the next appt.
My SKIN on my belly hurts and ITCHES so bad! Its maddening!!!!!
I seriously cannot breathe. OK, I can still breath, but quite laboriously. I am constantly out of breath. I am out of breath just LAYING around.
My hips continue to ache. I am going to take some advice I got from another triplets mom and try sleeping on the air mattress. Hopefully this will give me SOME relief!
My range of motion is now a joke. Depending on the position of the babies, sometimes Brian has to put my sock and shoes on for me (not usually a problem since I almost ALWAYS wear flip-flops). He doesn't mind one bit, he says he thinks its cute! It doesn't feel cute, let me tell you. :) But I am lucky he is so happy to do it.
**TMI WARNING - you WON'T want to read this (below) if you are related to us. You've been warned:
I definitely picked the right man to be my 'baby daddy'. I never expected him to be so enamored with me during pregnancy. Its a wonderful feeling, even though I don't understand it. I figured he'd be grossed out by some of the strange changes that even I can't stand. But, to the contrary, he is completely captivated by me in this state. He absolutely cannot get enough of the stretch-marked belly, and the waddling and the cottage cheese coating on my legs that I've acquired during pregnancy (I did NOT have cellulite before getting pregnant! I hope it goes away!). He does not cringe at the way my nipples have changed - which I think is so weird looking! He is not phased by my sausage feet and puffy legs and he actually wants to TOUCH them - and NOT just when I ask him to rub or squeeze them. He quietly sleeps on a tiny sliver of the bed while I take up the other 90% with EIGHT pillows and causing earhtquake type movements every time I need to turn over. He just stays to his tiny area with his one tiny pillow and never says a word - even though HE is the one who has to get up at 6am and leave the house. And he asks in his sweet half-sleeping bewilderment if I am ok and if I need anything. He swears to me that I am not getting that weird pregnancy platypus flat looking nose that so many pregnant women get, but no-one tells them...You know what I am talking about. Then, he is always asking, "can I get you anything?" It is so stinking sweet how attentive he is and how protective he is of me and these babies. I am so lucky to have someome so engaged in this whole process with me. He seems completely un-phased by the ugly side of pregnancy and is actually the complete opposite. He loves me pregnant. I didn't really get a true understanding of this until i saw the look on his face when the doctor told us at about 20 weeks that we were prohibited from 'the sex' until at least 8 weeks after the babies arrive. It was like he heard the worst news ever - like someone took the wind right out of his sails. He actually had a look of SADNESS. I really didn't expect him to be so disappointed - I am a whale right now! OK...hang on............................I am taking a deep breath to recover from the idea that our PARENTS probably just read me write about S-E-X. *Throws up in mouth a little.

**END of TMI section
OK, I think I'm ok now. Anyway...I feel so lucky to have him as my 'baby daddy' and my husband and partner in life. He is the best husband in the world!
:) What a man!

So...let's do some 24 week pictures, shall we?

24 weeks - right after eating my weight in chinese food:

Striking a pose - we were being silly:

Laughing - I looks more like pooping:

now just hunched over with laughter...I just couldn't stop - he was making me laugh!

I know I don't necessarily LOOK a whole lot bigger in these pics but I FEEL a lot FULLER inside, if that makes any sense. I feel LONGER. And they've moved UP into my ribs instead of OUT. I feel like I've actually got a FOOT in my LUNG. I will deal with that kid later!

And now for the bare belly shots - so flattering:

SOMEBODY- not the pregnant girl - farted during the photo shoot. I was not amused:

Of course, He thought it was the funiest thing EVER and LOVED how "pissed off" I look in that I had to post it.

From the front. As you can see, baby A & C are hanging out to my left. You can really see how crooked it looks in person but I think this pic gives you an idea:

And the HORRID one that I almost didn't post. Here's a good shot of the stretch marks (Brian calls them "life marks") that are causing me such misery - they actually HURT:

There you go - All the hotness you can handle, I am sure. Especially the stretch marks. :)
I will do the post about the shower SOON- I promise! I've got some cute pics now and I am just waiting on some more. I can't wait to tell you all about it and show you how beautiful it all was!! :)
Please continue to pray for us in the following areas:
-That the babies are healthy and continue to thrive and grow at an equal rate.
-That the babies hang in there until we hit AT LEAST 34 weeks - or longer, which would put them arriving the week between Christmas and New Years. For the sake of their health, we want '2008' babies!
-For our financial situation to improve and that Brian's job will start his health insurance soon. This is getting expensive!
-That the next doctor's appointment shows that I am still doing well - cervix still long and strong, no gestational diabetes, continued stable blood pressure, etc.
Thanks so much for your continued love and support and prayers. We are so grateful for all of you!!!
Much Love,