Friday, September 28, 2007


Its almost funny. Almost. My car is actually fixed and ready to pick up (A MONTH LATER)and I am not allowed to leave the house today. HA! HA HA! hmph.
Anyway, I have a full blown miserable cold and poor Brian does too and apparently my sister does too! And according to the doctor's office, so does everyone else. What the heck!? I felt so bad when Brian left for work this morning because I KNOW he didn't get much sleep. You can't sleep if you can't breathe! I sure hope he feels better than I do.
I called the doctor's office to tell them I have a cold to and to ask what the heck I can take besides the breathe right strips. They told me a few things and then NOT to go anywhere - stay home! STAY home and in bed. No problem. My sister is running to the pharmacy for me and then straight home to bed for her. :(
I hope this passes quickly!