Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quick mini-update 18w5d

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon at 4pm, which means that I didn't sleep at all last night. I never seem to be able to sleep the night before an appointment - too much anxiety. But, I DO have a ride to the appoimtnent since my mom is is coming straight from work this afternoon to take me. Brian was not able to come to this one but at least its not a "big" one (tell my worry that!) - just a routine checkup with the OB. Hopefully I can get an ultrasound...I want to see them! If they are growing at the rate I am, then they have gotten huge!
Oh, and update on the I feared it is going to take a couple of weeks. Probably getting back just when I am no longer allowed to drive. So although I've held off, I am now going to have to cancel seeing some people - its just too far and I know they can't drive out here in the middle of the day to meet me. That's life. Grr! And, as I suspected, the damage was much worse than it looked. The body shop guy said the estimate to fix it would be about $4500+ (thank God I have insurance - but still I owe him a $500 deductible!). I asked if it was even worth it to fix???!!!?!?! Apparently that is not my decision, but the insurance company's. I looked at the trade-in bluebook value of the car and it is LESS than what it is costing to fix. Whatever. I just want a car back now so that Brian doesn't have to continue to commute in the very gas-expensive truck.
So, other than that, no real update so far. I am just growing at an exponential rate and I feel it everywhere. I have gone from "unconfortable" in my lower abdomen to actual "PAIN". I pulled a lower abdominal muscle years ago in an exercise class and it felt exactly like this.
Strangers think I am about to pop and look horrified when I tell them that I have MONTHS to go. All discomfort aside, everything else seems to be healthy. The swelling is ok as long as I am not on my feet for long and as long as it is not too hot - the heat seems to be the worst enemy with that!
I should have another update tomorrow - stay tuned!

Oh, and I have to ask Brian to scan my shower invitations so I can show you (there are 2 different showers) - they are so cute! I have some seriously creative friends - thanks ladies!

Much Love,