Thursday, September 6, 2007

18 Weeks

Tomorrow is 18 weeks. The doctor's office called and said they didn't have the results from my AFP test yet, but that my bloodwork showed that I am low on iron. They told me to go TODAY and buy "Slow FE" iron supplement and start taking it twice a day. I don't think I have to tell most of you how NOT excited I am about adding MORE iron to my diet. Just for normal people, adding iron usually causes things to 'slow down'. If that were my only problem, I could deal with it. However, I have a pre-existing situation with my GI and adding iron will make that situation much more painful. A situation that I am not allowed to do anything about until AFTER the babies are out - no gastroenterologist will come near me until the pregnancy is over!
That's where I'll leave it. Its just one of MANY things I do not post about because most of you know me in "real life" and it is WAY T.M.I.!!!
My friend Jen went to the pharmacy for me to pick up the iron pills (thanks Jen!) and took some pictures for us when she brought my pills:

18 weeks and still smiling! I was happy that it is no longer 106 degrees outside!

Brian and Jen were making me laugh!

Me and the hubs - isn't he cute?

LOOK at my belly! And this is before eating dinner.
He thinks he's funny...He was totally making fun of me!

I almost don't recognize my belly button, it looks SO DIFFERENT. I am not ready to show the internet yet, so you'll have to wait! Brian and I laugh at how different it looks every day!
Brian really wants to draw on my belly. I haven't decided whether or not I will let him. :)

Love to all!