Wednesday, September 5, 2007

17week 5days

Hi Everyone!

Today we hit 17 weeks 5 days. here are just some updates for you:

- You can still vote: I re-opened voting since we still don't know anything!

-Growth Spurt: Both Brian and I think I've had a growth spurt in the last couple of days because we're positive I'm much bigger than last week. I'll post an 18 week picture this weekend so you can see for yourself. I've already had 2 people tell me I look like I am 9 months pregnant - ha ha! But its probably because they saw me right after a meal and I do look bigger after eating.

-I wish: I never thought I would say this, but I wish I were allowed to exercise! I feel that it would help strengthen me and help me manage this sudden weight gain and all the aches and pains that go with it. The pain in my hips and on my pelvis is excruciating at times. I basically have to get out of bed just to change sleep positions because I can no longer roll over by myself - it just hurts too much. And finding a position is funny - I think I need to finally break down and drag Brian to the maternity shop to buy one of those body pillows. The discomfort worsens every day. I am only 17w5d - I can't imagine how I will feel in a few months!!! At least by then, the weather will cool down. That will be so nice!

-Movement?: I think I might have felt some fluttering - not sure. We were standing the ice cream aisle looking for push-ups (it was 106 degrees outside!) and I felt something strange. Like a fluttering movement. I am not sure if it was them moving or what. I am waiting for more so I can get a better idea.

-Sausage fingers: Its official - I've had to put away my wedding rings - I can no longer get them on. I bought a $9 fake ring just so I have something on my wedding ring finger. I've noticed that is one thing people just look for when they see I am pregnant - my wedding ring. I don't even know if they realize it, but I see them eyeing my belly and then my ring finer!

-Hit and run, car update: Saturday afternoon, the police came and wrote up a report. The officer guessed that someone with big tires (like a 4x4 or something like that) hit my poor little car since there are tire marks all the way up the side (not paint) to match the dents and damage. The bulk of the damage seems to be with the suspension and with stuff underneath the car.
Then I called the insurance company and they said - of course- that no one would be calling me back until the LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND was over, which added to my frustration. So I just had to wait.
With all that taken are of, I proceeded to just break down and cry - like this was just the straw that broke the camel's back. I know its just a car and that no one is hurt but the timing of all of this just feels so overwhelming. The cost of the deductible and the loss of my freedom - these are huge blows! That car was the last of my independence until my bedrest starts in about 30 days. I had a car to drive myself to buy milk or to pick up food or meet someone for a quick lunch or run to the air conditioned book store or go to the bank or...ANYTHING. Just SOMETHING I didn't need help with. I am basically not even allowed to push a shopping cart or do anything around the house. DRIVING was the last thing I have until I go on full bedrest. And now its gone. Now I have to wait until Brian gets home if I want to drive anywhere. Yes, I know that I have others to help drive me - I am SO GRATEFUL - I just had to let go of ANOTHER thing with the driving and it hurts! But, again...time to put on my big girl panties and deal with myself. This too shall pass. I just pray that the car gets fixed soon enough so I can drive myself to the swimming pool before bedrest - its just so hot!!! :)
Anyway, the body shop came and picked up the car yesterday. They had to bring a flatbed because it could not be towed. I felt so sad for my little car. The adjuster called today to say that they have approved the shop to begin repairs. Which is good but I was somewhat hoping they would total it so we could get something more family friendly. But at least I'll have a car. A car with over 100,000 miles on it, but still a car. I love that little car!

-2nd Trimester, HA!: I've gotten over any hopes of that 2nd trimester BOOST of energy. When we first founf out there were 3 growing inside of me, my Reproductive Endocrinologist told me that I would basically feel like I jumped straight from the first trimester to the third -totally skipping the second trimester and its benefits. As funny as that sounded to me back then, I think she's right! I am still so grateful that it is NOT the first trimester. That was so tough! Too sick to eat, to tired to do anything, to uncomfortable to sleep...ask Brian, it was MISERABLE! Thank God its over!

-Colors?: Since we don't know the sexes of the babies, we are moving ahead with getting some stuff out of the way, including their stuff. The room will have neutral-ish bedding, with different color bumpers. One will be blue (because we're pretty sure that there is one boy) and the other 2 will be sage and white. Each will have sage and white dust ruffles. So if you're one of the many people asking about the room's colors, the unifying colors will be sage green and white. The crib sheets themselves will be more gender-specific.

-Commenting: I've had many people tell me they would like to comment, but they don't know how. Here's your quick tutorial. First, at the bottom of each post, there is something that looks a bit like this:
"Posted by Cindy & Brian at 12:16 PM Comments (3)| Trackback"

Go ahead...scroll down to the end of this one and check...I'll wait. OK, see it? Now, at the end of each post, you can leave a comment by clicking on the word "comments". A pop-up type box should appear which should show you 3 things. 1-any other people's comments on that post. 2-some ads (pay no attention to them) and 3-a place for your to type your name and other info (if you so choose) and a box to type in your comments. Once you have filled in your name and comments, you click "publish" and it will be added to the post. Make sense? I hope that helps. :)

-Ultrasound video from last week: Here is the video of the last ultrasound (last week's 16.5 ultrasound with Dr. DeVore). Brian got it onto YouTube - it is about 7.5 minutes long...its hard to distinguish anything since they are so squished together!
Don't worry - you can't hear anything b/c there is no sound. :)

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you are able to leave a comment now (if you were unable before).
Love to all!