Saturday, September 1, 2007

This is so not pregnancy related...

I just went outside to find that someone crashed into my car last night and drove off without leaving a note or anything. It is not driveable. I can't believe it! What's 'funny' is that last night I was sleeping on the couch when I heard a loud noise outside. It was so loud that I got up and went out the front door, but then thought better of going outside by myself at 2am-ish while carrying 3 babies. So I came back in the house and just went back to bed. I wouldn't have even known about it until tomorrow if our neighbor hadn't called to let us know that our car looked messed up. I am so angry! I am calling the police to file a report and then calling our car insurance company. Since we have TONS of money (not) right now with my bringing no income I am really NOT looking forward to paying the deductible. GRR!!
Have a nice day.