Sunday, January 16, 2011

Almost There

Almost There

Don't worry I'm still pregnant.  No baby yet!  Although there were a couple nights I wasn't so sure that she wasn't going to make an appearance.  But so far it looks like she is going to stay put til Tuesday.


Holy crap I am going to have ANOTHER BABY.  HOLY CRAP.

I don't have much to report (besides HOLY CRAP) but I figured I would post SOMETHING just in case I run out of steam and don't get a post out tomorrow.  Which is Monday.  Which is the day before I am having ANOTHER BABY.  Excuse me, while I go crap my pants.

We've been in high gear getting all our ducks lined up and for some reason it feels like we don't have enough time.  And OF COURSE, we are fine and everything will be fine but Brian and I are very similar in the anxiety/perfectionist/'every single thing has to be checked off the list' way.  So we tend to need to get EVERY SINGLE THING done in order to feel better.  Which is really pretty unrealistic when you have three toddlers, a VERY pregnant woman and a daddy/husband who is already exhausted from the regular routine, much less the added load of the impending birth of his fourth child.  FOURTH.  FOUR CHILDREN.  FOUR CARSEATS.  FOUR SMALL PEOPLE.  FOUR.

I am feeling increasingly more...pregnant.  DUH, right?  But I just don't know what other word to use.  SUPER uncomfortable.  Super tired.  Can't sleep.  My feet HURT and look like baked potatoes.  Or eggplants.  Nothing out of the ordinary for this late in pregnancy.  I am just shy of 38 weeks pregnant.  THAT is something I never thought I would say!

Still, though, I've got nothing to complain about.  This is still easier than last time.  This pregnancy has been a pleasure and a treat.  Like I've mentioned before, I am sad that it will be over soon.  I will always be so grateful for this wonderful surprise opportunity to be a normal pregnant woman!  As tired as I've been, as busy as we are, as overwhelming as it has been to care for three toddlers and still try and take care of my pregnant self - this has been SO AMAZING.  Thank you God!!

We were outside with the kids today and I asked Brian to get one more shot of me and the kids before I pop.  They were so enthusiastic to be forced into a photo, let me tell you ;)

Who cares that no one is looking at the camera and that everyone looks PISSED OFF.

Tomorrow is our last day to get 'ready'.  And by ready, I mean more mentally than anything.  We can busy ourselves with projects and painting and lists, but ultimately we need to just sit down and breathe and let go.  Everything will be done and if it isn't perfect, it will be fine anyway.  I have to keep reminding myself of this :)

I will be taking the computer to the hospital so I can hopefully do a post with an update there.  If I don't do a post before leaving for the hospital then I'll surely have a quickie update (like last time) soon after.  Stay tuned!  And PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!



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Debbie said...

Hope everything is going well! Can't wait to see pictures!

Hilary said...

Can't wait to see little missy!!! Hang in there Mama :) I'll be praying :)

Anonymous said...

Any news?!? I am starting to get worried that something may have happened during delivery. I pray not! Please update us on surprise baby soon! Can't wait for the details!