Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zacky's New Do! - UPDATED

Zacky's New Do! - UPDATED
Taking a short break from surprise baby talk to tell you about our busy day! This is the first Saturday in FOREVER that I didn't have to go to work (not exactly for a good reason but that's another post) so we had a busy family Saturday TOGETHER. We had fun visiting with "Guncle Garey" and Great-Grandma for Mexican food lunch. The kids LOVE Mexican food!

After naps (yes, MOMMY TOOK A NAP TOO!!!) Brian and I spontaneously decided it was time to get the kids haircuts. Zachary was the only one really interested in the whole idea so in the end he was the only one to get it done. Mommy & Daddy weren't interested in forcing the kids into their first haircuts and causing more stress than necessary. You should have seen it. He was totally calm and happy and cooperative. I think he really ENJOYED it! I love his new do! It was LONNNNNG overdue.

Before (he looked more like Will Ferrell's impersonation of Harry Caray): Like a mad scientist
His hair looked more like the fried & over processed hair of some women I know.
I LOVE this one. Totally calm, cool and collected.

Look how HANDSOME Zacky looks!
We wore them out in the park and then had a big MESSY spaghetti dinner outside! It was SO nice to enjoy a Saturday together as a family. Don't take it for granted folks! :)
They got in bed SUPER late but it was well worth all the time we got to spend together. Enjoy your weekend! More baby updates coming up!