Monday, May 3, 2010

I Don't Even Know Where My Camera Is

I Don't Even Know Where My Camera Is

I know that you used to be able to count on this blog to provide photgraphic evidence that I actually have three children. I know that this is no longer the case.

Something happened when they started walking. Suddenly, it was too difficult - nearly impossible - to take as many pictures of them. At least ones that actually showed their faces and not the back of their heads as the ran 100 miles an hour in three different directions.

So I put the camera down and have been running around trying to keep up with the three-headed tornado that once lived inside my body.

The only photos I've taken are from my cameraphone. I take pictures of the trio with my phone every single day. I haven't had a decent quality photo of my children since one was taken with SOMEONE ELSE'S CAMERA. Pathetic.

We went to Descanso Gardens today to look at all the "pretty flowers" and to say "Hello" to the ducks and fishies. Did I remember to bring my camera? Of course not. I even forgot my phone.

So....all I have are the three pictures from my sister's cameraphone. Here you go:

Impressive, I know!

But really...I know you're dying to see photos and get some details about who they are. I will have to find my camera and some extra time. Don't laugh.

Good news is I have a few pictures from a Descanso Gardens adventure from last week. OF COURSE they were not taken by ME, but my twin-mom friend Niki. Thankfully she sent me the photos so that post is next!

Stay tuned ;)