Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wide Load!

Rose Bowl Walk
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I have been so busy with sick kids and being sick myself (as well as Brian starting a new job...I KNOW, I know... I need to update you!) that I totally forgot to tell you about our new and AWESOME triplet contraption.
Ever since I had the babies I really wanted a triple jogging stroller, but I put it out of my mind since they are SO EXPENSIVE! But recently, I've been checking them out on craigslist and I thought that maybe, just MAYBE, I could figure out a way to buy a used one. I found one in GREAT condition and for an unbelievably reasonable price. After much prayer and deliberation (Sounds like I was buying a car or something big like that, I know!), I figured I would sell a bunch of stuff to come up with the $195. A friend of ours heard about my venture and asked if he could buy it for the babies, as his gift to them. Can you believe that?! At first I said "no' because it's so expensive. But he was so happy to do it. So I relented! And I am SO GLAD I DID!!! And the seller also agreed to come down a little in price. WIN-WIN!
I can now do more 'normal Mom' things like walk my kids around the Rose Bowl 3.1 mile loop! I have really enjoyed it. We took a short break from the walks since we all got sick but we are back on the horse and I love it! It's a great workout too! The stroller is lightweight and rides so smoothly which makes pushing all that weight really nice. Now I just need to jog the whole loop. I'l get there :)
Thanks to Wayne for this generous gift!

Now, maybe I'll burn off this extra cargo in the fanny pack ;)