Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi there.

Did you break up with me? Is there anyone even reading anymore? What can I say...I have even less time than I did before since I started working. I haven't blogged in so long I even lost my ads :(. I swear things will get better. I have to keep believing it.

So much has happened and yet I feel I have nothing to report. The kids are healthy. Alexis has pee-ed in the potty twice. Brian has had job interviews and possibly an offer. His temorary contract job is ending and we are scurrying to figure out a way to make ends meet. We are possibly going to have to move out of this house. The landlord can no longer afford to rent to us at the reduced rate he has so generously extended us. I feel like we just moved in here! We have lived here 2 years. The babies were just 3.5 months old when we moved in. How time flies! I continue to pray and work hard and that's all we can do.
I am still working at Trader Joe's and I enjoy my job. It's definitely not how I pictured things but I am grateful to have a job and to have medical benefits for the kabies. I am also grateful to not have to put them in daycare. It's a stretch and its HARD but we make it work. The babies are with me during the day and with Brian at night while I am at work. My sister comes 2 days a week to help bridge the gaps and we are SO grateful for her help. The kids are always with either me, Brian, or my sister.
I really need to sit down and do a big brain dump post but now is not the time. Hopefully I will have good news next post. :)