Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cutest Little P.I.T.A. In The World

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Cutest Little P.I.T.A. In The World

This beautiful and charming child is the PICKY-EST eater EVER. She is the epitome of picky toddler. It is quite frustrating and I am constantly trying to get her to eat.

Alexis's favorite foods are:

1. Ketchup - not what she is dipping into the ketchup. She will use the french fry merely as a spoon and lick all the ketchup off of it.

2. The coating of a chicken nugget - NOT the chicken itself. She will sometimes eat ONLY the coating

3. Gravy - JUST GRAVY.

4. Yogurt

5. The filling from a peanut butter cracker - NOT the cracker

6. The cream filling from a cookie sandwich (Trader Joe's brand of Oreos)

7. Applesauce

8. SOMETIMES cheese.

She pretty much hates EVERYTHING ELSE.

The boys eat EVERYTHING. Green veggies, black eyed peas, smoked fish, Etc. ALEXIS will have NONE of it.

I have resorted to putting half & half in her sippy cup to get her the calories that she is lacking. I have to take her to the nutritionist, per the pediatrician's orders, because she is not gaining enough weight. The boys are off the charts but she is under the curve because she WON'T EAT ANYTHING.

I've tried to feed her STRAIGHT BUTTER. She hates it.

Feeding time has become a source of stress for me.

But listen to that voice and look at those pigtails. God made her this cute for a reason! ;) Thank goodness she is so dang cute!