Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recent Fun

Dad here. No good news on the job front, but here are some recent pictures:

On our way to the annual Oktoberfest in Montrose.
Here's daddy trying to get everyone together for a picture.

Yeah, the lighting isn't perfect, and only daddy is looking at the camera. Getting triplets to look at the camera at the same time is almost impossible. **Notice Zachary is not in the picture. He slipped away and started playing with his wagon! sigh.

OK. Now mommy's turn. Poor Jackson didn't want to take a picture! LOL

...he still didn't want to take a picture!

...and again. He was ticked off! GOOD ENOUGH.

Here are the boys in their stroller, getting ready to face the crowd at Oktoberfest.
Zachary was super happy. Jackson, not so much.

Alexis was happy to have her own stroller.

We stopped for a quick photo...

Grandaddy and daddy feeding the babies some yummy bratwurst.

Our friends recently moved back to the states from Germany and decided to have an Oktoberfest party. The babies had fun playing with their friends!

Here are all the Baldwin & Spayth kids together
(From L-R Emma, Jackson, Zachary, Luke, Alexis, Julia & Trevor):

Here's mommy and the trips

...daddy and the trips

We tried for a group shot. Good luck getting everyone looking!

We saw these backpack-leashes at Target. Cindy SWORE she would NEVER put her kids on a leash....that is, until we had triplets. Now that they go in three different directions its impossible to keep up with them. They are FAST. We thought these would be a great idea!

Look at Jackson's face. Its almost like he is saying: "Yeah, right. Good luck!"

He was right....


...and more chaos

Just fooling around in the playroom...
Here is our handsome Zachary

Oh my goodness. Look at those eyes!

More Zachary...

Are you ready for some football?
Daddy and the trips getting ready for Monday night football...
GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

We also went to the trio's cousin's First Birthday party. The babies had a blast playing with the other kids. Here's a group shot of all the family who attended (From L-R Zachary, Brian, Alexis, Cindy, Jackson, Joan, Grandma Janice, Luke, Mandy & Michael):

And finally, here's a random cute shot of the three BIG babies. Alexis is going in for a hug - CUTE!