Monday, July 13, 2009

Triplets' 18/19 Month Photo Shoot

Triplets' 18/19 Month Photo Shoot

I'm warning you right now...I am dropping some SERIOUS cuteness here. You are going to need to hold onto your britches, because you are about to lose your crap. Seriously.

Fellow triplet mama and photographer Tammie Halcomb came over today and took some AMAZING shots of my babies. She is one of my favorite photographers and OF COURSE a friend! Check these out!

Oh Lord. Look at my angel baby.

LOOK at my handsome green-eyed boy!

Look at those blue eyes and those pink cheeks. DELICIOUS.

Jackson is my squishy doll version of Brian...even down to the facial expressions! SAME blue eyes as his Daddy...

Its like he can see me.

One word: EYELASHES.

These two absolutely KILL ME. I LOVE THEM. Look at the cute smile on Zack's face!

I LOVE upside-down grinning Jackson! Alexis is just sitting pretty (as usual)! I also LOVE the contrast of Alexis's bright pink dress against the green. And the fact that Zachary is climbing towards trouble - perfect representation of their personalities! AWESOME!

OH how I LOVE these photos! Totally worth the sweating and the near melt-downs to get these precious shots!
Are you in Southern California? Have you called Tammie yet? If you haven't...what are you waiting for??? She is so talented and her prices are so very reasonable. Give her a call!

Now I need to go pass out from the cuteness!!!