Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Crappy Update

A Crappy Update

Brian has been on vacation from work this week and I was planning on sitting down and updating you on the week. Unfortunately, I just got sick. I feel like I’ve been runover by a truck. Chills, nausea, body aches, HORRIBLE headache, chest congestion…all the fun stuff. I feel so crappy and miserable that I just wanted to cry today. YES, I am whining. One thing I miss about the pre-baby days was actually being able to rest when I am sick (at least on the weekends). Thankfully, Brian let me sleep in today and helped me with the kids the rest of the day. I was counting the minutes until their bedtime! The minute we put them down I went directly to my bed. I couldn't wait to lie down. I LOVE my kids - SO MUCH - But...its just so hard to take care of someone else (x3!) when you're sick.
I am having a party at my house in exactly one week and aside from cursing the horrible timing of this sickness, I am wondering how I will be able to get everything done this week.
We are praying for 1) the babies stay healthy and 2) me to get well very quickly.

And, of course, for the laundry to do itself.

OK, enough whining.

I’ll leave you with some camera-phone cuteness from the week to tide you over. If you're my Facebook friend then I think you've seen all these.
Can you believe how big they are???

Someone is ready for summer - TOO CUTE!

I am going to try and will myself to be all better by Monday morning when Brian has to go back to work.
I am going back to bed