Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some of the reason's why I am so tired

Some of the reasons why I am so tired

-If it's up high, they want to pull it down.

-If it's the only one, they all want it at the same time and will kill each other over it.

-If it's tall, they will climb it.

-If they're not supposed to touch it, they will do everything in their power to get to it.

-If it's even remotely unstable or not made of steel, they will tear it apart.

-If I make them stop doing something they want to do (like play with matches and knives or chug bottles of whiskey - I am SOOOO mean), they will arch their backs and SCREAM.

-If its a narrow space, they will find a way to get their leg stuck in it.

-If they can lift it, they will throw it over the gate and then get their leg stuck trying to get it back.

-They will hear me say the word "cracker" anywhere in the house, any time of day - no matter how quiet I am.

They are only one-year-olds. What is Two or Three going to look like? HOLY CRAP.