Saturday, March 14, 2009

How Big Are You?

How Big Are You?


LOOK at that smile!
Apparently the Lady Girl wasn't up for showing off for Mommy's camera phone. That's ok because she's still super cute!
And just for's a shot into the playroom from the kitchen sink. Note how they turned over the little table toy thingy. AND how toys are everywhere. It only takes 6.8 seconds for them to dump out the baskets of toys EVERYWHERE.

And, yes, I realize that two of them are still in their pajamas.
Here's the deal. I don't change them out of their pajamas until they take their, *ahem*, morning constitutional...that way their clothes aren't as stinky. You can tell from this picture that SOMEBODY had already taken his morning poop. That's right, I said "morning poop". I don't have three once-a-day poopers. Well, I have one once-a-day pooper. The other two are the poop-several-times-a-day poopers.

And now you know a lot more about my family's poop than you ever needed to know. First, you learned WAY TOO MUCH about my pooping 'issues' during my pregnancy and more recently with "metformin butt" and NOW you know about the babies.

All that's left is Brian...but let's just say that I think you know enough as it is.


P.S. Happy Birthday Natalie!