Monday, March 30, 2009

Backyard Fun With The Triplets!

Backyard Fun With The Triplets!

One benefit of Daylight Savings Time has been that we have lots of sunlight before dinnertime, which is PERFECT for playing outside with Daddy when he comes home from work. The kids LOVE playing outside, but ESPECIALLY playing in the backyard. I don't know why they prefer the backyard over the front yard but it works for me. Problem is since no one can see me in the back yard, I sometimes look like a schlumpadinka and then somebody takes pictures.

Note to self: Don't skip on the showering and getting dressed for the day. Inevitably, there will be pictures.

Anywho...whatever you do...PLEASE ignore the frumpy looking, pasty white woman pulling the wagon. it for the kids.

I am like ALBINO, I am so white. I need to work on that.

Moving right along...Brian took TONS of photos the other day - check them out!

LOOK at this face.

Hi, I'm Jackson and I'm basically a miniature version of my Daddy...except I've got Mommy's round face. And I've got Daddy's attitude too.
Babygirl. She's takes my breath away.
Have you seen such a handsome smile? I think NOT.
They never ever EVER tire of riding in this thing.

" Yes, I know how cute I am."
Babies in action and LOOK...there's that god-awful woman again. She's sending shots of the kids with her cameraphone BTW.

The boys "helping" Daddy with the hose.
Alexis is 'supervising'

There's that sweet handsome face again!
One of the many leaves that the babies handed us. They love to pick things up off the ground and hand them to us. Soooo cute.

Yes, you are seeing straight...the boys are dressed like Brian. He loves when they look like his little "Mini-Me's!"

I LOVE this one!

Proudly eye-ing his collection.

The dimples...
I love this girl.
Emo dropped by for a quick visit. LOOK at Jackson's face. He LOVES being spun around!

Those dumpling cheeks need to be gobbled up. I'll get right on it.

I'll add the link to the flickr set later (or I'll have Brian do it :) )

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