Monday, January 12, 2009

Delurk Yourself

Delurk Yourself

So its 9:13pm and I just learned from several of the blogs that I frequent that today is (was) Delurking Day. Whatever that means. What that means for YOU is that you get to leave me a comment and say Hello. Don't be scared. Just do it. Nothings gonna happen. I may e-mail you back to say "HI" back but other than that, nothing.

I've got lots to update you with but you'll just have to wait until later this week. I am finding myself super cranky and crazy and I am loving my husband for understanding. He is actually hiding in the office right now. Because he is very afraid. Just kidding. Sort of.

I am experiencing what I can only describe as hormonal fits. I just got done with this month's round of progesterone and I want to throw something. But I want to cry first. And then throw myself on the ground and have a little tantrum like my babies. And then eat a lot of Panda Express and Pinkberry. I am DONE with the hormones. I think I'll be going back to Metformin and try that again. I'd rather have Metformin butt than hormone crazies.

The only time I have felt anything similar to this is pregnancy. Which was miserable considering I also felt like I was always going to pee myself AND/OR throw up.

I am not one of those people who experiences weird blood sugar crankiness when I am super hungry, but I think how I am feeling now is very similar to that business. Basically, the way I feel is this:

-I am completely unable to focus on anything
-I've got a general inability to cope with anything and everything
-I feel totally overwhelmed by everything
-I've got no patience
-Everything makes me want to cry
-Everything pisses me off
-I want to eat really bad food
-I've got a killer headache
-I am exhausted
-I feel a strong desire to throw somthing. Just kidding. No, I'm not.

WOO HOO progesterone meds!

Like I mentioned, I felt this way throughout much of my pregnancy. I don't usually really feel this way before periods, but, I imagine this is what bad PMS feels like?

SO, play along with delurking day business. It may make me feel better. It may make me smile. It may make me stop wanting to throw things.

I've also got a big fun surprise (NO, I'm not pregnant) to show you soon. I promise I'll do it either Tuesday or Wednesday. PROMISE. I'll give you a hint: Tammie came over this weekend! :)

And to reward you for reading this grumpy post and for delurking, here's a video montage of my boys walking around in the playroom. Somewhere in there you'll see Alexis taking a couple of steps. She's not really into the walking thing yet, though. Which is totally fine with me.

Too cute, right? I just want to chew on their squishy baby thighs. I LOVE squishy baby thighs.

So leave me a comment and say anything. Say "HI.". Or tell me you like socks. Tell me your favorite color. Whatever you want!

Hopefully I'll be right as rain again very soon. Until then, sorry for being such a cranky b*tch.