Friday, December 5, 2008

Warm December Afternoon

Warm December Afternoon

Brian's company's holiday party was today which meant he was home earlier than usual. Yay for me! He's been sick the past few days and today is the first day he has felt back to normal. We took advantage of having Daddy home by going on an afternoon walk.
Its supposedly December but you would have never known it by today's beautiful weather. I actually worked up a sweat on the walk! Gotta love Southern California. :)
We sat down for a quick break and I actually remembered to snap some pictures. I've been terrible about taking pictures lately!

We got home just in time for their second nap and the babies konked out. They were exhausted from the walk.

But wait...somebody woke up early and was SO LOUD, I had to go get him so he wouldn't wake up the others...OF COURSE it was Jackson!
Look at that squishy "just woke up" face.
OOPS...too late. Zachary says, "Mommy...I was sleeping and Jackson woke me up with his howling!"
Sorry baby!

Here, honey...Have a croissant.

They LOVE croissants.

Totally unrelated...Zachary has ANOTHER tooth, which makes EIGHT!
Jackson is walking like crazy. Like taking 12, 13, 14...steps at a time with no help. He is cruising around confidently now! I can't believe it!
Alexis is still toothless and she is just fine with that! My pretty girl :)

That's all! have a happy weekend! :)