Monday, October 6, 2008

Babies' Dedication

Babies' Dedication
The babies had their 9-ish month checkup today and as a result, I am sitting here in a puddle of exhaustion after a day that knocked both of us over. It was actually a good appointment - or, at least as good as an appointment with SHOTS can be. I look forward to these appointments like I imagine I would look forward to getting my fingernails yanked out with pliers. All while being forced to watch Dancing With The Stars. Sorry Jenny.
As usual, I cried my eyes out. This time, in hopes of protecting me from the awful-ness of baby vaccinations, Brian suggested that I stay in the next room with two babies as he took one for the team and stayed with the one getting their shots. We shuffled and rotated to get each one their shots as quickly as possible and then back to Mommy in the next room for snuggling. This sounded good at first, but as it turned out I was just crying in the other room as I held two crying babies before and after each of them got their shots. I didn't have to be there with the one getting shots but I felt like a bad mommy not being by their side. There really is no good way, is there?
Otherwise, it was a fantastic appointment and I am amazed at how much better we get at managing these appointments. This time feeding three babies at the pediatrician's office was no big deal. I never thought I would be able to pull it off but the two of us managed great. Thank goodness Brian got off work early so he could help me. I couldn't imagine taking three babies to the pediatrician's office for shots all by myself! Further details and stats in the next post - I PROMISE!
This post is actually to share about the babies' recent dedication at my church. They were super cute and they did a great job! Although Zachary and Alexis melted down a bit at first, they quickly adjusted and ended up having some fun! Its always tough when we go out in public because CROWDS descend upon them and I think they are just not used to it yet. I don't blame them, I get a little anxious and nervous myself when I see a herd of people coming toward us.
Zachary ended up sitting with his daddy the whole time (such a Daddy's boy!), Alexis was flirting with the people sitting behind us and went back and forth between me and her Grand-daddy (my Daddy), while Jackson - my social butterfly - was quite content being held by whomever. I think he ended up being held by his Halmoni (my Mom), Brian, Andy, Sandy, and his Grand-daddy. I'm not really sure. All I know is that he was so happy being passed around - he just loves getting snuggled! :)

Here are some shots:

Jackson getting snuggled by his Halmoni

Zachary with Daddy

Alexis with her Grand-Daddy

Sandy, Jackson, Halmoni, Brian & Zachary

Zachary with Daddy & Mommy Jackson with my Daddy, Brian with Zachary and Me with Alexis

Look which squirmy girl is missing her shoe...she kept taking it off!

Zachary with his Daddy...of course

Jackson loving his pacifier with his Grand-Daddy...look at those chubby thighs!

She would not stop moving...

This one cracks me up...look at Alexis's face!

Thanks to JK for taking pictures for us!

I'm totally wiped out from today. There is a sink full of dishes, baskets of laundry waiting to be folded and a eight/nine month post to finish, but I think I'll go watch Lost pass out. :)