Monday, August 11, 2008

Korean BBQ

Dad here.

Just thought I'd post up a few pictures...

We had Cindy's family over on Sunday for Pam's boyfriend's birthday. My Chang-mo-nim (mother-in-law) prepared a HUGE feast. It was awesome!

I'm still learning the new camera I got from my mom, and let me tell you this thing is AWESOME!!! We are so grateful she gave it to us--I just wish the circumstances were different. I know I have told you before, but I'm going to say it again: THANK YOU SO MUCH mom for giving us a gift that keeps on giving!

While the charcoal was heating up I was messing around outside and took the following pictures (I did change the size and resolution so they would upload faster).

Our avocado tree

We even have a little apple tree

I have no clue what kind of flower this is, but I figured since I
was taking pictures I might as well take a picture of it

A rose

Another rose

Jackson looking cute

Zachary looking adorable!

Cindy's Dad with Zach, Cindy with Pids, and Aaron with Jackson

Our Piddy Peemie getting kisses from mommy

There was SOOO much kalbi. There were 4 containers FULL of it!!!
Below is just ONE container

A close-up

Me cooking. It was HOT!

Family-style, I love it! ..and yes I realize you can see me in the mirror.
Just like Cindy---I am for reals people!