Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moving in the wrong direction. Need a U TURN!

Its LATE Thursday night...
Today was a hectic day as Brian and I both had optometrist appointments so we took all three babies with us. We had to go together b/c I was getting my eyes dilated and I needed him to drive home. The babies did OK but were DONE by the end. Brian somehow managed to feed two of them at once and then the third after, while I was off having my examination. He really is a Super Dad. Which makes him so much cuter to me! :)
The babies had an opthalmologist appointment Wednesday and their retinas still look great - still no signs of R.O.P. - Thank God!
Tomorrow, we're taking everyone the NICU. I'm a little nervous and excited all at once!

End of Day Six. We had our close friends Andy & Sandy over for dinner tonight, including the babies' best friend, Miss Emma. :) Brian made beer battered deep fried fish and FRENCH FRIES. I had too many Diet Cokes to count. A bowl of ice cream. I feel like crap. I know. I know. I could not resist. If you've had Brian's cooking, you'd understand. It's too delicious! I enjoyed every bite.

Tomorrow is a new day. Start over. Ugh.