Thursday, June 26, 2008

in a handbasket - Day Six

Yes, I am fully aware that I owe you a six month post. Yet, ANOTHER Monthly Update that is late.

We might as well call it the Month-and-A-Half-ly Update. Way more accurate.

But this Candida De-tox is kicking my ass. Did you KNOW that my brain WILL.NOT.FUNCTION. without caffeine? Did you? Because, friends, it really does not function without caffeine. AT ALL.

Let me give you a summary of how well this de-tox is going. As of Day Five, I have consumed:

- TWO large Pinkberry Yogurts (But they have live and active cultures!!! This is good right? Not so much.),

- Four, Five, Six Diet Cokes,

-Eight pieces of El Pollo Loco chicken. BUT, I removed the skin and I got NO SIDES. This is huge because I LOVE rice. Didn't I mention that? But, still, there is sugar in the marinade. Dang!

Although Brian thinks I am OUT OF MY MIND for attemting such a huge thing now, he has been so supportive. He has cooked amazing meals for me (e.g. grilled salmon with asparagus & quinoa and stir fried mung bean noodles with vegetables...just to name a couple).

And, as we have talked about before, I aparently AM out of my mind. But that is partially because of how crappy I have felt physically. Chicken or egg?

All in all, the 'off the wagon' moments aside, I have done pretty well. I have NOT eaten one potato/tortilla chip since starting this and for me, this is huge. No rice, bread, potato. No sugar, besides the El Pollo Loco chicken and the Pinkberry. I have tried my best to eat fresh/whole foods as much as possible. I will just keep moving. Since this isn't about weight loss, but instead, about killing the yucky stuff that is making me feel crapy, I am basically starting at square one every time I screw up. But I am not going to be too hard on myself. I gotta keep moving! Overall, I know it will pay off and I will feel better. I alraedy feel a bit better.
Except for the moments that I feel like TOTAL CRAP and want to eat an entire cake and wash it down with a VENTI Mint Mocha Chip Frapuccino.