Friday, May 30, 2008


That is the amount that Babies R Us gave me in store credit for returning my USED bottles without a receipt.

Awesome, right? Let me explain...

For a while now I have been reading about Bisphenol A (BPA) - a known endocrine disruptor - and I realized that the bottles I have been using (Avent) contained BPA. Although the FDA states that SO FAR there is no reason (YET) to discontinue use I decided that I didn't want to risk waiting until the FDA gave official word that it was dangerous. As of April 2008 the FDA's stance was:

"Based on our ongoing review, we believe there is a large body of evidence that indicates that FDA-regulated products containing BPA currently on the market are safe and that exposure levels to BPA from food contact materials, including for infants and children, are below those that may cause health effects. However, we will continue to consider new research and information as they become available...

At this time, FDA is not recommending that anyone discontinue using products that contain BPA while we continue our risk assessment process. However, concerned consumers should know that several alternatives to polycarbonate baby bottles exist, including glass baby bottles."

This was not comforting enough for me. I wanted certainty. Already, many other studies and investigations have shown enough of a risk for me to decide stop using the bottles (and any other products that included BPA). In fact, this month California - the state I LIVE in, has passed a bill to BAN Bisphenol-A. This train is in MOTION!

There was no official recall or anything but why, OH WHY, would I - someone who had/has fertility issues because of endocrine/hormone imbalance, etc - why would I use the bottles that contained chemicals that could potentially screw with my babies hormones (and much more)??? I just can't take that risk.

Problem...I spent a LOT of money that I don't have on those bottles. THREE BABIES worth of bottles. I had 4oz, 9oz AND 11oz bottles. LOTS of bottles.
And Avent bottles are EXPENSIVE. And I also have a ton of other brand bottles (had to try a million bottles while babies were in NICU before they were discharged because of feeding issues). I could do a product review on bottles. Hmmmmm...that's an idea. But that is beside the point.
Anyhow, last week Brian and I went and bought all new BPA-free bottles. Just the old-school playtex (not the Playtex Premium - those DO contain BPA) nursers.
It hurt, but I felt better about NOT using the ones with BPA. And I surprisingly LOVE the new bottles. LOVE them. Better than any bottle I've EVER used. EVER. And did I mention I've tried a LOT of bottles? Ahem.

So fast forward to this week. I was frustrated that I was out all that money and that I had a box full of Avent bottles sitting in my garage. I didn't have the heart to thrown them away yet.
And then I found out that retailers are dropping/phasing out all of their BPA products. Retailers like Wal-Mart and Babies-R-Us. So I investigated more and found out that some Babies R Us stores were taking back the bottles for store credit. I though there was NO WAY I could get my money back. I'd had those bottles for MONTHS and they were used! Who would take used bottles without a receipt or proof of purchase when they didn't have to? There's no official recall yet!
I called Babies R Us anyway. I was a little hesitant. But I asked.

They told me to bring ALL OF THEM in.

I was like, "REALLY???"

The guy on the phone said,"Yes, Really."

We drove there TONIGHT - bottles in tow - and got $129.79 for my used, scratched, Avent bottles. I had them in plastic bags and it was a little embarassing dumping plastic bags of used bottles onto the guest services desk. But let me tell you, it was WELL WORTH IT. I was able to buy some stuff that I really need for the babies.

I have become so aware of the chemicals used in products since becoming a mother. Its shocking the stuff they put into baby products! In ANY products for that matter!

Now, I wonder if they'll take all of my partially used baby lotions that contain parabens. OK, that's another thing at a time.

But, how awesome!!! If you are using bottles/sippy cups that contain BPA, CALL your Babies R Us and ask if they will take them for store credit! Its worth a shot, right???

Also, you can get a BPA free bottle for FREE at the Playtex website. Free is good, right?