Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Friends in town

First of all...I took a shower AND wore makeup today. Shocking, I know. But, seriously the babies napped perfectly all day (with the exception of the 'witching hour' between the 5pm and 8pm feeding). So I was able to get a lot done. The sleeping at night thing is going well. Slow progress but going well. I can't wait to give you the update about them actually sleeping through the night. Not yet, but soon enough! Its been nice to let them sleep. I hated waking them up since they sleep so well at night.
We had some quick visitors tonight! Our friends Greg & Jen are in town (they live in Germany) and we all got together so we could meet their new baby Luke and so that they could meet the triplets! It was so nice seeing them - it had been SO long. I actually saw Jen when we were both still pregnant - she brought me Chinese food a few months ago while I was on bedrest and we chowed down. Two pregnant ladies and a load of Chinese food...it was quite a sight! Anyhow, it had been a while since we had seen Greg (years, even?) so it was really nice to have them all over (their daughter Julia, too). We have so much more room now in this new place - PLENTY of room for all of the kids in the playroom!
They brought us dinner and we visited for a bit before we had to get right back to it (feeding, etc...). It was wonderful, if only for a very short visit, to see Greg, Jen & Julia again and even more wonderful to meet their handsome new son, Luke! He's a little over two months old and just as sweet as can be. Congratulations Greg & Jen!

Jen Holding Zachary and Alexis Me with Luke and Jackson
Me with the girls, Julia and Alexis
Daddy holding his little baby girl
kisses from Daddy
Jen and I with all of the kids on the "feeding couch"
Cindy, Luke, Jackson, Zachary, Jen, Alexis & Julia!
We SOMEHOW totally blew it and didn't get a picture of Greg! He was out getting all of us dinner when we took these and then we totally forgot to take more pics when he got back - we were only thinking about FOOD! Sorry Greg! Will you ever forgive us? LOL!
I am counting down to May when we will be out of RSV season and will be able to share our babies with everyone. Then it will just be an issue of finding time!!!

And BTW...thanks to everyone for your awesome suggestions and ideas for coupons, saving money, etc. I am so excited to find new ways to save!
The four month post is coming...hang on!
Much Love,