Sunday, April 20, 2008

4 Months

The babies turned four months last week! I continue to be amazed at how quickly they grow and change. I can’t even keep up!!! This month has gone by so quickly! Currently I am working on getting them to sleep through the night. Its going pretty well despite the fact that they are like alarm clocks. I had them SO PROGRAMMED that they just “go off” at the same time every night. Its going better than I had anticipated. Yes, I am really tired but I can see progress and its only been a few days! Its pretty exciting! In general, things are getting better. I took a step back and remembered how hard it was when they first came home. I was beyond exhausted and delirious. I am no longer delirious but still exhausted. However, it is nothing compared to two months ago. By comparison, NOW feels almost EASY.

Almost. But not really.

Not really, because usually by Friday afternoon I have texted Brian at least once saying that I AM DONE and WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME?!?!??

But still…There has been a movement toward stabilization in my house. Somewhere between the time Alexis came home and today, there was a point where I thought I would never recover from the sleep deprivation and overwhelming stress of having new babies at home.

THREE new babies at home.
With very special needs.

At that time, I could not see further than the next five minutes. I thought for a moment that God had SURELY gotten it wrong and that I could not do it. That I was not cut out for this. I remember one morning telling Brian that if he actually left me to go to work that I would lose my mind. I mean REALLY LOSE MY MIND. He stayed home that day and I did not lose my mind.

At least not then.

Somehow things have slowly evolved into this place I am at now. This place gets better every day.

I think a lot has to do with the fact that the move is OVER. Yes, there are still things to do/unpack/organize here and there…but for the most part its looking good. I can’t even believe we pulled that off. I am so grateful to all the friends and family who offered to help us in any way. We could not have done it without you!

And another huge part of it is that my parents have been taking the babies overnight once a week for a couple of weeks now.

A couple of days after the move I called my mom SOBBING and telling her how tired I was and that I. CAN’T. GO. ANOTHER. DAY. – I. AM. SO. TIRED.

We had overdone it in hopes of getting the house together quickly and I was paying for it dearly. She suggested they take the babies on Friday nights OVERNIGHT for a while so that Brian and I could get caught up with the house and get some SLEEP. At first I was reluctant but then I knew she would not offer if I didn’t really need it. This has made a world of difference and has allowed me one night of uninterrupted sleep and some time for Brian and me to get our house unpacked and put-together. I am so grateful. I know it’s a lot of work for them to get up to feed them in the night but they are happy to do it! I miss the babies terribly on those nights but I know its what I need to recover and refresh MENTALLY - so that I can be a better mother to the babies and better wife to Brian. I think it has made all the difference for us! I think I would definitely be in a much sadder state of exhaustion if my parents had not agreed to take them Friday night through Saturday for a while. Thanks Halmoni & Grand-Daddy!


These babies are SO FUNNY now! The giggling and cooing and flirting is hilarious! And how they have grown in one month! Really Amazing!


Hey Everyone! I am Alexis – remember me? I am SO pretty. Oh, I’m sorry…is that rude? But, you see…I AM pretty. So come hold me or something. I have really changed a bunch in a month. My Mommy and Daddy are impressed with how much I have grown. I am in size 1 diapers now! I am still in newborn clothes but will be moving up to 3 month clothes really soon. My Daddy loves when Mommy puts me in dresses. He thinks I am too cute. I totally melt his heart with my sweetness. Sucker.

Mommy especially likes to dress me in red since its her favorite color. And I look really good in it.

But I look really good in everything.
My eyelashes suddenly sprouted this month. I look so much more girly! My mommy jokes with me that it looks like I am wearing mascara. No one ever calls me by my name around here. They call me “Piddy” or “Pids” which evolved from “Pretty” which was my old name (remember? Pretty McPreemie?). They are silly! My Daddy calls me “Sister”. Don’t these people know I have a name?! Sheesh! My Mommy and my Eemo (my Aunty Pamela) sing lots of silly songs to me and dance me around. They are so lame. But, I have to admit it’s a lot of fun and I love it.
I have become so sweet and mellow and I have NO tummy problems anymore! In fact, my mommy no longer has to add rice cereal to thicken my formula! I take it “straight-up” like my brothers. The reflux has really improved! My crib mattress is still elevated by about 45 degrees – just in case I throw up in my bed – but mommy will change that pretty soon. The biggest thing is that I am no longer on ANY MEDICATION (except for my vitamins). I am still very gassy, but it doesn’t hurt me anymore. I don’t scream through each feeding and I don’t scream every time I poop anymore. I just poop and smile now.
And speaking of smiling, I am smiling a LOT now! I coo and giggle and I LOVE when people talk to me and play with my face. I really enjoy my toys now, too. I am always trying to strike up a conversation with the white bears that hang over my swing but they never say anything. Maybe they’re shy. Or maybe they’re totally intimidated by how pretty I am. Probably that.

I still love to get my back patted and my head rubbed. I still LOVE my pacifier. I am really good about going to sleep now. Mommy just lays me down (swaddled) with my pacifier, rubs my head and I am good to go. I may squawk for a second until I get to sucking on my paci and then I am down for the count. I love to nap. I have to get my beauty sleep, you know?

I am still a little peanut, according to Mommy. Look how she tried to put me in the jumperoo...I almost got lost in there!

I'm not big enough for it yet - my feet don't even touch the ground. Not even close! But I will be soon and I'll show the boys how its done!


Hey its me, Zachary. Boy, am I excited to talk to you! I LOVE talking. I guess you would call it cooing. Whatever it is, I coo and giggle and sing so loudly and my Mommy and Daddy LOVE IT. I say “oooh” a lot. Mommy says I have such a happy voice. Its because I’m happy! I am the smiley-est of the bunch. Although, whenever my mommy tries to capture it on camera, I get totally distracted by the camera and I stop smiling. Its weird. My Mommy and Daddy even try to sneak it up on me. But I am wise to it. I guess I am a little camera shy, what can I say? I am still the flirty-est of the bunch. And a little bashful too. I am the one who would blush if any of us actually did that yet. Its so cute, I make the blushing face and then turn my head down – totally flirting with Mommy and Daddy. I KNOW how to make people melt.I am looking quite handsome these days. My hair is really growing in, although you can’t really see it on camera yet since its so light. I am wearing size 2 diapers and go between 3 month and 6 month clothes (even up to 9 month), depending on the brand. Mommy can only get me in some brands of onesies and pajamas because I am so LONG and TALL. Otherwise she has to go the next size up.
I still struggle with my tongue during feeding times but this is improving slowly. I have an appointment with the physical therapists in a couple of months and they will assess me. Hopefully by then, I will have improved a lot!

I love to kick my legs and play. This is usually when I giggle and coo the most.

I have so much fun playing with Mommy. I love to examine her face very closely while she talks to me. This makes it seem like I am really listening to what she has to say. But, really? I am just hearing “bla bla bla…” I don’t really care as long as she keeps talking and holding me close because I love that.

I do this pouty thing with my lower lip that gets my mommy and daddy every time. HA HA! This may really work to my advantage later on…I am going to work on perfecting it. She hasn't been able to get it on camera yet.


Hey guys! Its me, Jackson! I am four months old but I look like a six month old, AT LEAST. I am wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. My mommy is still chewing on my thighs all the time. You would think I would get annoyed but I just love the attention so much.

Check out this video of the first time Mommy put me in the jumperoo. I didn't do much jumping but I was SO happy!

I have been moved to my own crib now. Something about Mommy walking in one day to find me kicking Zachary in the stomach…whatever. I don’t know what she is talking about. But I DO know that I like having my own crib. I like to wedge myself into the corner and nuzzle while sucking on my pacifier.My umbilical hernia is getting much better! Either that, or I am just growing around it. Mommy is very relieved. She was pretty worried for a while but I didn’t care.
Mommy now thinks she has won the sleep war with me. When she puts me down I just suck on my pacifier and nuzzle my blankie and I don’t even cry. I used to scream my head off when she put me down. Now I just go right to sleep. Mommy thinks she has me all figured out now but we’ll see.

I am the one with the temper. Boy do I get mad when I have to wait for anything. Mommy and Daddy thinks its kind of funny. Daddy understands me because we have the same temperament. Mommy has no comment.

I still love my bath but now I am getting really heavy for mommy to lift in and out of the tub every day. Too bad, lady. Keep bathing me every night because I LOVE it.

You Can't resist my charm...or my chubby things. That's right...You know you want to squeeze them.
Bye for now!
Alexis, Zachary and Jackson