Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunday Night...

Dad here.

Update...Alexis is doing better, although she is still sick. They are still monitoring her platelets, and running blood cultures daily. Hopefully she'll be completely past this shortly. She's acquired a reputation in the NICU as the feisty one! Once she got her temper back --- hmmmm, I wonder which parent she got that from ;) --- we knew she was feeling better. Little Alexis sure loves her mommy, as mommy can soothe and calm her like no other. At our first visit today mommy was the only person who could calm little Alexis down and put her to sleep. When we came back in the evening Alexis was asleep and we both thought it was best we didn't wake her. She may be small.....but don't underestimate her, she has a BIG set of lungs! :)

Zachary came down with something a couple days ago. That night, before we left the NICU he was having some dips in his breathing (more than normal). We figured out his nose was plugged and once the nurse suctioned out his nose he was breathing better. However, after we left he took a turn for the worse and was having more and more dips. They ended up putting his canula back on him which helped. The next day when we arrived at the NICU they informed us that he had breathing issues during the night, and by morning he was looking very pale and lethargic. They put him on antibiotics right away, and by that evening he was doing MUCH better. Tonight he looked fair, but we were assured by the nurses that he looks SO much better than he did on Saturday morning. His preliminary tests have shown he may have an infection, but his 24hr blood culture looks good (no growth). At this point we are just praying that he continues to improve. Normally Zack is our little "examiner". He is always looking around and processing everything. We call him our little scientist. He does not like to be touched by the nurses (taking his temperature, diaper changes, change his sleeping position, fixing his canula, etc.). Saturday he was tolerating everything and wasn't getting upset; this concerned us. However tonight he was NOT happy when the nurses messed with him--GOOD BOY! We are praying that he will have improved by tomorrow morning.

Jackson is probably doing the best out of all 3. Simply put, Jackson has been having issues with his poop. VERY smelly and VERY often. This concerned the doctors and they are looking into the cause. In addition, on Saturday he was having issues with vomiting. They changed him over to formula and he hasn't vomited since, however now it appears he is not digesting the formula as well as mommy's milk. Hopefully we can get him back on mommy's milk soon. On a side note, our little Jackson has 2 girlfriends in the NICU. Yup. He's got a couple nurses that ABSOLUTELY love out ladies!

Both Cindy and I would like to thank EVERYONE for all of the prayers. PLEASE keep them coming as we are not out of the woods yet.

I leave you with some pictures. Some of these are older ones, but they are cute. The quality isn't too good because they were taken with a cellphone. If we use our other camera the anti-redeye thing irritates the babies because their eyes are so sensitive.

Here are the Christmas cards our babies gave us!





Zachary Sleeping

More Zachary


Babygirl sleeping

Sleepy Jackson

More sleepy Jackson

Frowny Jackson

More Jackson