Friday, December 28, 2007

little fighter

Hi everyone-

What a busy time this past 24 period has been for all of us. It was a sleepless night for Mommy, Daddy AND the Neonatologist. When we left the NICU last night we knew that Alexis needed platelets and that they were going to do a transfusion. At 12:30AM we got a call from the Neonatologist saying that the red cross did not have any for infant transfusion and that the NICU was intensely pursuing other options, including the blood bank at childrens hospital and other hospitals in the Los Angeles area. The requirements for blood product for infants are much more stringent than for adults. Neither Brian nor myself could donate platelets because they needed negative blood (O- OR A-) and we are both positive. Also, we have some family members that have negative blood that were willing at 12:30 AM (God bless them) but the doctor was reluctant because that would take even longer AND they were not in the right age group. Another requirement is that the blood or blood product cannot be older than 7 days old (whereas blood product for adults can be up to 30 days old). Here's the problem...NO ONE donates during the holiday season since everyone is so busy. This is why there were no platelets for my baby last night. We were on the phone off and on all night with the neonatologist as he called every couple of hours to update us on his pursuit. by 3:30am he had put in an emergency request all over and Children's Hospital was on the case as well. There was an emergency donor request and Alexis was put at the top of the list. By 5am, I was so on edge and so exhausted that I felt nauseous. This morning, the NICU went ahead and gave her a blood transfusion while they waited for the platelets. By afternoon she started showing signs of improvement. The 2 last blood cultures showed up negative for infection and the results from the spinal tap showed negative as well. Thank GOD! Platelets finally came in early this evening and I finally got to see my Alexis again. She had been trying to pull the respirator out of her mouth all afternoon which gave the doctor and nurses the clue that she was feeling better - her fire was back! They removed her respirator and instantly she looked more comfortable. She has the color back in her skin. My baby had been gray for the past few days. It was like she was in hiding while her body was fighting this fight. Tonight, she saw me, held on to my finger and would not let go. She looks so much better! Praise God! What an answer to prayer! She went from gray and lifeless (SO SCARY) to pink and animated again. She still looks tired but much healthier. We are so grateful! We are going back this evening so we can spend more time with her AND so we can spend some time with the boys. I didn't spend any time with them today because I was at Alexis's bedside. We're already feeling like we are stretched in different directions and the babies are not even home yet! What a wonderful 'problem'...too many people to love! Anyway, she will still be on antibiotics for another week. They hope to start her feedings again this weekend which I am looking forward to. I want her to have mom's milk again and get big and squishy and catch up to the boys. I am so proud of my tiny little fighter! She is the biggest and strongest 3 lbs I've ever known! :)

We truly believe in the power of prayer and we appreciate all of your prayers and love for our children. As she continues to heal, please continue your prayers.

Here are pictures from this afternoon of her feeling better and looking up at us for first time in days. They're taken from a camera phone so not the best quality but she's still beautiful!:

Looking up at Mama:
Holding Mommy's hand and looking over at Daddy while he took the picture:

Loving Mommy's touch and holding mommy's finger so tight:

She would not let me go:

Much Love,