Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hi friends –
Wow, I am so sorry. It was not my intention to instigate or to invite controversy with my bitching and moaning. I know healthcare is a hot political topic. I do feel that I am getting good overall quality care and that no system is without flaws. Although I do have feelings about these issues, I was just trying to share my frustrations and talk/vent about my own healthcare as it relates to my pregnancy - and nothing more. I was not trying open any doors to political argument or any arguing for that matter. Although I can get negative (I am human), I generally try to keep things positive here (though not always successful), as in my own real life. However, I am a real person with worries and stresses and sometimes I don’t cope well. I could sugar coat that and not share those moments with you, but I choose to keep it as real as possible. This blog is less about me trying to maintain a perception (have you seen some of the ugly pictures I post here?!?) and more about me coping and sharing – good and bad. So sometimes you read about me complaining or worrying and then you might read about me dealing with myself. Whatever captured moment you may see, I never want to invite negativity – although I will take responsibility and say that sometimes I may be leaving myself open to it by choosing to share the not so happy moments. I understand this. I will still continue to be honest – I NEED to. But I don’t want to drink the poison. Its easy to get ugly and I just don’t want to use this as a forum for arguing about anything. There are plenty of boards and blogs out there dedicated to that and some people spend all day getting worked up and throwing verbal darts at each other. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Trust me, if you know me In Real Life, you may know I have very strong opinions. I don't want to be the 'comments police' but I felt it was best to remove several negative comments because that’s just not where I want to take this. Please don’t take this personally if I have removed one of your comments. I just don’t want to perpetuate any yucky-ness on here.
I do appreciate all of the positive, supportive and funny comments and e-mails I receive from people. It really makes such a difference when I am in a funky or scared place to know that people are thinking, praying and rooting for me, my husband and these babies. Thank you.

Much Love,