Sunday, November 25, 2007

29 Weeks

29 Weeks! ALMOST 30!!! As difficult as this is, time is flying by. The holiday week probably really helped to break things up. In fact, I am exhausted! Although I didn’t get to visit with everyone I wanted to see, It was wonderful to see a few people and to be at home instead of the hospital. As you know, I dodged the hospital on Thanksgiving (WOO HOO!). I was exhausted but was able to have a short outing in the evening to get some of my Mom’s cooking and visit with some relatives. I started to ‘melt’ before dinner was over, though. Its just amazing how tired I am now! Here are some pics from that night:

Leaving for my aunt's house on Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving kisses from my boo:

My parents, me, Brian, Pam & Aaron at my aunt's house:

Friday was very nice, too. One of my best girlfriends was in town from San Diego and visited with me for lunch and then massaged my legs and feet for over an hour. HOLY CRAP, was that wonderful! She also brought me some plus size maternity clothes that she got from a friend. This is great b/c I had no t-shirts that fit – even Brian’s t-shirts don’t cover my belly. I NEVER imagined that I’d be wearing PLUS SIZE maternity clothes. But it’s the only thing that will cover my belly. Even the XL regular maternity shirts I have don’t cover this belly anymore! At least I now have some comfy t-shirts that FIT for the hospital. These little things count!
Last night, Brian made a really good dinner (he’s an amazing cook!) and my mom & dad brought me some yummy Korean food to go with it. Before leaving, my mom made sure to rub the belly for about an hour – too cute.
Today, we’ve just been watching football and doing laundry (actually Brian was doing all the laundry while I mostly laid here – what a good hubby). Although it was a pretty disappointing day for us as far as the football games go, it was nice to have a low key day for just the 2 of us before I have to go back to the hospital.

So how am I doing? I am just trying to cope with the tough things and trying to enjoy the happy things. Forget good days…its good moments. Good moments are really good and tough ones are REALLY tough. Most days are both good and difficult. I know I sound like a broken record but it really is getting much more difficult with each day. When I am feeling really overwhelmed and having a really tough time, I find myself just saying a little prayer, thanking God for my babies. I have to focus on them so I remember that its all worth it! But, sometimes I BEG Brian to just DO SOMETHING to make it easier. And then I cry. Ha ha! Completely unreasonable, I know, but that is where I am at sometimes.

The contractions are much more frequent. Luckily they’re not painful, but definitely stronger than before. I get REALLY hot during and right after each contraction, too. They’re ranging anywhere between 3 to 15 minutes apart – still no regular pattern, thank goodness.

I am still itchy all over and mostly at night. I have had to take Benadryl about 3 times now – just so I can get some relief and fall asleep.
Indigestion has become quite a problem, too. I have a newfound love for Tums. This is a big deal for me because before now, I have never liked Tums. I couldn’t stand them, actually. It was Brian that has always had a good working relationship with Tums. He never minded the chalky powdery frothy nastiness that I always hated about Tums. And Tums always did the job just fine for him. Brian always counted on Tums to be a faithful friend and has always kept Tums close by. For me, however, my new relationship with Tums (Mr. Tums if you will) came out of desperation. I was so tired of the fiery esophagus and swallowing back the food that always threatened to burn its way back up my throat. I finally relented. And to my surprise, I found that Mr. Tums was not who I thought he was. He is a gentle and soothing friend. Sure, he’s a little chalky but we’ve all got our flaws, haven’t we? I have since apologized for my behavior and we have developed a fine relationship. Now, I can’t imagine living without Mr. Tums. : )

I am also getting weird bouts of restlessness. I can’t pinpoint the cause but it drives me crazy when it happens! I assume its some thing with my muscles not being used.

I have made peace with my pregnancy nose. The wide/bulby part is just not going away, but I know it could be much worse. I just pray that it goes back to normal afterward!
I’ve also got this strange burning underneath the skin – like my muscles are burning. This is kinda new and I don’t know what to make of it except that it must have something to do with the stretching inside. UGH.

The skin on my belly is still stretching and hurting. Still feels like a bad sunburn. Still unbearable at times. But what can I do besides keep it oiled and wipe away the tears? Small price to pay for big healthy babies, which is what I really hope for.

So on to more 29 week pics for you!

Here is an ultrasound pic of Baby B's foot. This was taken when the nurse was checking their fluids on Thanksgiving:

The standard bare belly shot for 29 weeks:

And the always flattering close-up:
I'm off to finish packing last minute things for tomorrow. I'll give you an update from the hospital as soon as I get settled in.

Much Love,