Monday, October 1, 2007

Sick again...or still.

I feel poopy today. Really congested. Like it all came flooding back to me. And my teeth ache, like they always do when I have sinus pain. Bummer. I think yesterday's shower was too much for me. But it was so great! I came home and PASSED OUT until Brian woke me up for dinner. I don't have any pictures to post yet but that will come soon with more details. :)
Otherwise, I have been in bed all day, with the humidifier (which I accidentally dumped/leaked all over the bedroom floor while trying to refill it - nice). I have blown through boxes of kleenex in the last few days. I was told I was ok to take one pseudoephedrine (sudafed - the kind you have to get from the pharmacist - they don't sell it otc in California anymore because of the meth boom) but I don't feel comfortable. I'm trying to stick it out and just stay in bed.
The babies gave a HUGE kick last night while brian was feeling my tummy. So huge that I almost felt funny/nauseous! HA HA! It was so cool! :) They are moving so much more each day and we LOVE IT!!!
I am going to go lay back down again until Brian gets home. Its like the highlight of my day, you know :) And the season premiere of John & Kate plus Eight is tonight and I am so excited! I just love that show! They crack me up and they have the cutest "quatasian" kids :)
I've gotten lots of loving notes in the mail and in e-mail which have been so nice. Kind words are so powerful! Thank you!