Tuesday, October 30, 2007

grrr - here we go again

I HAD an appointment to see DeVore (High-risk perinatologist) tomorrow and it has temporarily been cancelled. The doctor's office says that they still cannot get authorization. Things have been like this since I changed provider groups (which I HAD to do so I could be oriented to the right hospital). They reps from the provider group, Physicians Associates, say that I am NOT HIGH RISK ENOUGH to see this doctor again. Tell me, why every doctor says that carrying triplets is high risk but some group of suits sitting at a table with an approve/deny stamp can determine that I am not high risk enough to see the perinatologist. I am 25 1/2 weeks pregnant with triplets for goodness sakes. Any doctor would say that this is an especially important time. Why then do we pay $700 A MONTH for health insurance (NOT including co-pays) if we cannot get the care that is clearly needed. Do I need to be ON FIRE or BLEEDING FROM MY EYEBALLS to get approved? Physicians Associates are notorious for NOT wanting to approve anything. I did not have this problem with my last provider group but unfortunately that group did not include the hospital with the NICU that my OB is associated with. What a mess. I feel like my care is being compromised so that some jerks can save some pennies. I've been off and on the phone all afternoon with both doctor's offices and they are trying to negotiate with the provider group for me. But. most likely I won't be able to see DeVore tomorrow. I am so PISSED.