Thursday, October 11, 2007

23 Weeks

Hi Everyone- Tomorrow is 23 weeks! I can't believe so many weeks have gone by already! Many of you have e-mailed or called...Thank you so much. I know I haven't posted or been around. Sorry, I guess I've just been dealing with myself this week. The truck thing really threw me a big one - like the straw that broke the camel's back. This is just the toughest time (financially) we've EVER had since we got married, 5 years ago. It has been hard for me to cope with the reality of it and what impact it has had on our lives. And so many other things are going on for our family, I guess I finally broke down - hence all the gallon-size tears!

So, I've just not really been too interactive this week. I've been in 'survival mode'. But I have done a lot of thinking and dealing with myself and I am better now. Although we've got some seriously stressful things going on right now, the most important things are still in place. The only thing we've REALLY lost is a sense of CONTROL and some of our PRIDE. But, its an important lesson because we never really have control to begin with and pride means nothing when you have loved ones willing to extend a helping hand - which everyone needs from time to time. This is reality of life sometimes and being a grown-up is hard. But I still know that things could be much worse and we are truly blessed.
Brian and I occasionally play a 'game'. I basically say "tell me something good" or "what are 3 things you are grateful for right now?". This always brings me some perspective because these things are what is most important. Right now, I have a loving husband, a supportive network of friends and family and really healthy babies kicking the crap out of me. Although financial security and having a reliable car are important things, I will not die from losing them. So I cry my stress tears and then I can get up and keep smiling.

And quickly, since so many of you have asked about the truck, we found out that its worse than we thought and total cost of repairs is about $2500. In the meantime, the little car is still in the body shop, but luckily we have a body shop loaner. Its not exactly nice but at least Brian has something to drive to and from work…I am grateful for this!

Wednesday, we had an appointment with DeVore's office, except DeVore was on vacation so we saw his associate, Dr. Benoit. It was a LONG appointment - about 1 hour and the ultrasound was about 45 minutes long! I almost stopped it after a while since I started feeling very uncomfortable from laying on my back for so long. But I held on and it was a pretty good appointment. This doctor seemed much more inexperience and even nervous. It took him forever to do the measurements and find the positions. He was nice enough but I think he was overwhelmed by the triplets! The babies are big and so squished in there. I can’t even believe they’re all inside of me!!! The babies are doing great and each weighs approximately a little over 1 lb. All 3 placentas and amniotic sacs look good too. The doctor says everyone looks great! And my cervix remains unchanged at 3.7 centimeters in length, which is fantastic news. He says that measurement is great even for a singleton pregnancy. My body is holding onto these babies! He says to continue on my current modified bedrest until the next appointment. Woo hoo! No hospital bedrest anytime soon! This is wonderful, especially since a few months ago, they projected I would go into the hospital in early November. It doesn’t look like that will be the case, even though anything can happen. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Baby A is STILL being stubborn and won’t show its ‘business’. The doctors have gone back and forth with thinking it’s a boy or girl. Last appointment DeVore guessed it was a boy. This appointment, Dr. Benoit said he guesses it’s a girl, but just can’t be sure. Come on kid…You’re even baffling the doctors! Baby A’s legs were closed so tight that the Dr. even wiggled the paddle and pushed down to try and make the baby move. He/She wouldn’t move at all. I have changed my guess – I now think Baby A is a girl. It must be. Only a daughter of mine would be this stubborn! A sign of things to come? Maybe so. Also, I found out that it is his/her head pressing down on my cervix, causing me this incredible discomfort. Baby B & C are happily lying above him/her, kicking and pushing around. He/she is calmly pushing his/her head down into my cervix and keeping that position as stubbornly and tightly as possible. I wonder how this will show up in life – if their personalities will reflect their behavior in the womb. I’ve had a lot of mothers tell me that is the case with their own children. We’ll see! :)

Otherwise, the pregnancy is going well. My belly itches SO INTENSELY all the time. I just have to keep it slathered with stuff – that’s the only way I can get any relief. I am also more tired as each day passes. I couldn’t do some things even if I were allowed to. I am learning my limits day by day and listening to my body.

I am really excited about my shower this weekend! My sister Pamela and my friend Sandy have been working so diligently and are killing me with the suspense! I am so grateful that they offered to throw me this shower and I am really looking forward a beautiful day with good food and seeing lots of friends and family. :) I’ll post an update with pictures after the day.

Tomorrow (October 12) is our 5 year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe 5 years have flown by and I know that the years will continue to fly by quickly! We have no big plans since we are limited by my bedrest and our tight budget. We will probably pick up some food – maybe something a little nicer than Chez Burger King– and go to a movie since I have a gift certificate for movie passes. It will be nice. :)

I will leave you with 23 week pictures:

23 weeks - no more tears!

Admire the stretch marks (click to enlarge). My 'baby daddy' drew this belly map for your benefit. He loves drawing on the belly and will take any opportunity to do so. :)
Its only a rough approximation. Baby A is actually lower than B...remember, his/her head is pushing down an my cervix. ouch!

I don't have any great ultrasound shots. Just the following 2 of the boys bits (from underneath):

and these:

baby C looking right at you - looks kinda creepy!

a fuzzy profile:

And here's the link to the incredibly long ultrasound video - please don't feel like you have to watch it...its over 40 minutes long - but I knew some of you would ask to see it. Enjoy!
Thanks for all of your love and encouragement!
Much Love!
:) Cindy