Thursday, August 16, 2007

15 weeks tomorrow!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your comments and e-mails. We love them!!!

Did you see the new ticker above with the CUTE 3 "peas in a pod"? So adorable!
Yesterday was our 14w5d doctor's appointment. It was a very quick appointment. We got the following not-so-clear shots below:

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C

Everyone is healthy and looks good! The babies are about 4 inches long from crown to rump - maybe the size of softballs or large apples. :)
I finally gained weight! A lot of weight, too - a little over 5 lbs in 2 weeks! I am finally catching up which is a relief and good for the babies.

At this appointment the doctor said I only had 7 more weeks (sooner that we had thought at the previous appointment) before full bedrest at home (only getting up to shower and to use the restroom) and that I would go into the hospital about 5 weeks after that. As much as I knew this was coming, hearing the real timeline was overwhelming. I will be in the hospital on full bedrest for my birthday (November 7), Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years. That's a LONG time but I will do whatever it takes to get these babies to be as healthy as possible. I hope some of you will come visit me! :)

So it really is crunch time NOW! I feel like the calendar is closing in on me! The doctor (and Brian) also scolded me a bit for doing as much housework as I have been doing. Specifically for getting on my hands and knees to clean behind the toilet (Brian told on me - j.k.). OOPS! So no more of that. But you ladies out there that have been pregnant and had major sensitivity to smells understand my need to keep things clean, right?? Ugh.

Also, she VERY RELUCTANTLY gave me a pass for a couple of hours to go to a shower that a friend is throwing me in October. However, I am strictly prohibited from doing anything but sit on a couch (or cushy chair) with my feet up the entire time. No standing for pictures or to greet people. This should be fun! :)

As far as the pregnancy symptoms go, I can finally say that the morning sickness is GONE (which would explain why I am finally gaining weight). Yes, some things still make me gag...BUT, I am no longer nauseous and puking 24 hours a day. Its WONDERFUL! What a difference! Before, everything made me sick (including breathing and just being alive). Now, I just have a few smell aversions. Coffee grounds, fish, raw meat (especially chicken) make the top of the list. This is all manageable though.
The headaches are still here but I am allowed to take tylenol so I can deal with that.
A brand new symptom showed up yesterday, though, and took me by surprise. My feet swelled up and looked like hams. They were so big, they felt like they were just about to explode. And they really hurt! I try keeping them elevated and having Brian rub them which REALLY helps.
My pelvis still HURTS and will continue throughout the pregnancy - nothing I can do there.
And of course still experiencing the standard stuff - heartburn, exhaustion, only sleeping 2 hours at a time, pimples, etc...

Since the calendar is closing in on us, we finally had to hurry to get registered since we're running out of time - we're still in the process but we have realized that NOBODY carries some of the triplet stuff we need except for specialty shops and they do not have registries. We are getting creative and will ask other parents of multiples (we're joining a local parents of multiples group that a friend and mother of twins told us about) what they did. Babies R Us carries lots of stuff for singletons and some stuff for twins but hardly anything for triplets and beyond. I wonder what these parents do? I cant wait to speak with them and find out! I am hoping to find the stuff we need second-hand so we don't break our bank. Anyway, as soon as we find out the sexes of the babies we will finish up the registry.

And that brings us to what everyone has been asking me about. No, we don't know the sexes yet but we are pretty sure that we will be able to find out at the next appointment in 2 weeks. The next appointment is with Dr DeVore (the guy with the high tech machines!) so as long as the babies cooperate and get into positions that make their "bits" visible, we will let you know after that appointment. Remember to vote, if you haven't already done so. Its fun to see what everyone thinks!

And, finally, due to overwhelming demand...I reluctantly post some belly shots. My sister came over yesterday to take a couple of shots after my dr's appointment:

14weeks & 5days

and because its me and you know we could not go without taking silly pictures, I share just one of them with you (my Mom will hate this one for sure - which explains why its my sister's favorite):


Love to all! Keep reading!

:) Cindy