Saturday, July 28, 2007

11.5w Update

Baby A - not as hyper, still the largest

Baby B - kept moving!

Baby C - as before, the most active!

Hi everyone!

Sorry it took so long to do an update. We were having computer problems and were unable to scan the ultrasound pics.

Thursday's ultrasound was OK. I was unable to get in with the new OB in time so I had to see the old doctor one more time since she wanted to make sure I was scanned one more time before hitting the 12 week mark.

The appointment was not as reassuring as we were hoping for but everything that was measurable looked fine. All 3 measured the right sizes (each about the size of a lime) and there were 3 heartbeats. However, the doctor focused a long time on one of the babies and was a bit concerned since she could not clearly see or measure the shape of the head or brain. There was nothing in the way or anything but she said it might just be her machine. Now that they are bigger (they have doubled in weight in one week!) there are so many more intricate details and her ultrasound machine is just not as advanced as other machines. We are hoping that it was just her machine. We were able to see everything clearly with the other 2 babies.

I am seeing the high-risk doctor next week and he's got super advanced machines so hopefully we'll be able to see everything clearly enough to be definitively sure of what's going on with each of them. How nerve racking this process can be!

So I have 2 appointments next week:

-One with our new Obstetrician, Dr. Lantry - Just a first meeting with her and an ultrasound scan.
-And one with the High Risk Maternal/Fetal specialist, Dr. Devore, for 1st trimester screening. This one is basically an hour-long ultrasound exam and is very in-depth. This is the appoinment at which they will be able to determine for sure that everyone is OK and that there are no defects or chromosomal abnormalities. Your prayers are definitely appreciated!!

Pregnancy-wise, I am still really tired but I am doing fine. The morning sickness and headaches have not yet disappeared but I am managing. The hot flashes are still in full force! And this pain in my pelvis is really something. Those 3 are really making room in there! I am looking forward to feeling better and having more energy very soon so I can get back to seeing my friends! I rarely leave the house or have people over. Its too exhausting! If you haven't seen me in a long time, thanks for your patience...i'm almost through this patch!

Brian is doing a good job taking care of things. I know that my not being allowed to work is best for me and the babies, but I just feel so bad for Brian since he's got to support us all and carry us on his "shoulders". What a good husband. As some of you already know, he lost his job on a Monday and we found out we're having triplets and that I am not allowed to work on a Tuesday - THE VERY NEXT DAY! Life is crazy! We keep hoping and praying for the best. While he's still job hunting, he has a part time job which willl definitely help. We're taking everything one day at a time.

I will be doing further updates here and NOT sending out mass e-mails. So be sure to bookmark the link and check back for updates!

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