Thursday, July 12, 2007

9.5 weeks Ultrasound Update

Hi Everyone! We had our 2nd ultrasound yesterday and everyone looks great! I couldn't believe how active they were - it was amazing! Everyone is measuring right on track (9 1/2 weeks), all 3 heartbeats still very strong and all looked very healthy. My doctor is graduating me to the OB sooner than expected since things look so great. This was very good news!

Attached are pictures of each baby (click on picture for larger image):

Baby A is shown upside down but facing forward.

Baby B is shown facing straight forward (the most compliant one!)

Baby C (showing its profile) was the most active, bouncing and waving its arms around like crazy, obviously taking after me (ha ha). I wish I had video to show you! The doctor and I were laughing so hard. The little one wouldn't stay still enough to get a good shot.

I am still extremely tired and very nauseous but I am doing well and very hopeful, taking everything one day at a time. The doctor gave me a prescription for nausea (WOO HOO!!!) so hopefully that will go away! It will be much easier to get the extra calories I am supposed to eat (900 more a day!) once I am not sick anymore. Thank God for Brian. He is being so wonderful and helpful - he is SO HAPPY!

The next appointment is in about another 2 weeks so another update will follow. Thanks for all of your love and prayers and positive words. Keep the prayers coming!