Sunday, May 24, 2009

Triplets on Trampolines!

Triplets on Trampolines!

This post is only about a month late...which is pretty good nowadays!

About a month ago, we took the kids to our friend AJ's 7th birthday party. Since the bigger kids were in the front yard, we went to the back yard to play with our twin friends (Payton & Killian). The main attraction was the big trampoline. Can I just tell you that these kids were CA-RAZY about jumping on that thing! I was expecting a little anxiety and fear but there was none at all. In fact, they were upset when it was time to get down.

Check out Zachary catching air!
The trio playing with Killian

These boys were in HEAVEN. We may have to get them a swing set/jungle gym of their own!
Playing with rocks.
They could not get enough jumping!

Jump Jump Jump!!!
Look at Jackson jumping and smiling with Auntie Jenny!
Zachary catching more air with daddy...its like he couldn't jump high enough!
*SIGH* She is just too pretty.