Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Triplets Visit the NICU

The Triplets Visit the NICU

Dad here. During my time off a couple of weeks ago we paid a visit to the NICU.

Here is Jackson with Robin. She was his one of his girlfriends there.

Ha with Alexis.

We tried to get a picture will all of them looking at the camera.
Um, yeah. That never happens.
Here is the best we could do this attempt...

Dr. Mapp talking to Alexis and Jackson

Of course it was ME that wasn't looking at the camera

Maria, Cindy, Ha, and Robin

..and a group shot. Yeah, when I look at the right camera, they don't. Figures.

Stay tuned for a video from the NICU I compiled for the triplets Tol party. It was too big to upload in one file, so I had to break it up into smaller files. I know, I know, we should have uploaded them sooner but we have been SUPER busy the past couple of months.