Friday, April 10, 2009

The Triplets Meet the Easter Bunny

The Triplets Meet the Easter Bunny

Dad here....

...So we decided to take the triplets to see the Easter Bunny. We fed 'em, put 'em in the truck, and off we went.

We took some pictures on the way out. Here is babygirl looking up at the camera

Alexis, how big are you? SO BIG! (All three of 'em do it)

I WANT the camera!

I want the camera too!

Handsome boy!

Babygirl was D.O.N.E. She did NOT want to be in the truck anymore!

So where did we go to get pictures with the Easter Bunny?
Bass Pro Shops!

We were the family that took too long. Jackson thought the Easter Bunny was a big stuffed animal and kept hugging it. He WOULD NOT look at the camera. Zachary was OK for a few minutes, but his patience faded fast. Finally Jackson looked at the camera just as Zachary lost it, and that's when they took the picture.

The boys looking at the big fish tank. (if you look closely you can see a largemouth bass)

On the way home they fell asleep.

...except for Jackson. He played with Leap the ENTIRE ride home