Sunday, April 26, 2009

Triplets' First Smoothie!

Triplets' First Smoothie!

I know that its been a LONG time since I've given you a really good update. So much has happened, I don't even know where I will begin when I finally sit down and type it out. It has been quite a busy and (unfortunately) stressful last couple of months. And we've got another crazy busy month ahead of us. In the meantime, we've just been showing you glimpses of the some of the cuteness taking place around here.

Last weekend we were out and about and it was HOT HOT HOT. In the upper 90's! I am not a hot weather fan so when it gets that hot its pretty tough for me. Luckily for the babies, they can just play in their diapers on super hot days! Lucky for my neighbors, I kept my clothes on. Though I will admit, I was tempted to join the babies by just hanging out in my chonies! Thank goodness that heatwave lasted only a couple of days and we went back to the beautiful "not-too-hot" spring weather!

On one of those super-hot days I got a juice smoothie and decided to let the babies try it out. WHAT HAVE I DONE??? They went crazy over it and could not get enough! I wish I had video of the very first sips. Their eyes widened and they all said "mmmmmmmmmm!" Mind you, the babies have only had milk and water so far in their sippy cups. This must have tasted like HEAVEN to them! Im glad I remembered to grab the camera to capture the smoothie frenzy. Check it out (Notice Zachary's pterodactyl-like schreech/whine because he couldn't wait his turn):

Thank goodness they saved me some!

Also, there is more of the NICU video montage coming. Notice it is coming from Brian and not me. Also notice that I haven't finished the birth story. I know I kinda left you hanging there. I'll get to it, I promise. Its just that in the process of typing it all out, I really realized how traumatic the period of time right after their birth and through their NICU stay was for me. More traumatic than even the time when we first had them home or even during our move. I can't even sit and finish the birth post because of it. At least, not yet. I get very emotional. And I've had enough emotional business in the last couple of months so finishing up the birth series will have to wait. Thanks for understanding.