Saturday, September 6, 2008

My chest may explode from the cuteness

So let's liven things up a bit, shall we?

Last month Tammie (my friend and fellow triplet mama!) came to take some photos of the babies for thank you cards (and before you say ANYTHING, the anwer is "NO" I still haven't sent them out...I'm going for a record here). I recently got the pictures back and OHMYGOSH I LOVE THEM!

I LOVE these of the boys with Brian:

These little angels were having NONE OF IT! It was soooo funny!

Tammie did such a great job capturing some cute shots of our babies! I love these photos. :)
She has started her own photography business! She's great to work with, her rates are VERY reasonable and she really does a great job! If you're in Southern California, you gotta get with Tammie! Please check out her website:

Tammie Halcomb Photography

We'll definitely be seeing Tammie again!