Sunday, August 17, 2008


Dad here...again.

Things have been busy around here lately resulting in fewer posts. Cindy says sorry! I have been trying to fill in the gaps with "picture posts". Here is one of my attempts...

This post is just a quickie...and it isn't really baby related but I figured I would share anyway. I got a last minute invite to go fishing with a couple of friends of mine on Saturday. It had been almost a year since I had been out on the ocean; needless to say I was really excited! We had a pretty good day of fishing--we caught 71 fish and kept 6 for dinner (I am going to BBQ it Monday night).

Here is my first calico bass of the day. It was a small guy,
but I figured I'd take a picture of it anyway. Right after I
released this guy the bite was INSANE! We were catching
fish on EVERY CAST!!!

We ran into a school of barracuda too. Pacific Barracuda are different
than their Atlantic cousins, the Great Barracuda. The ones we have
in California are a lot smaller and you can actually eat them.

Calico bass are so colorful. This guy had red eyes!

Not related...but a buddy of mine sent this to my phone.
He got it from his brother-in-law who was working the Broncos/Cowboys game.
---- GO BRONCOS!!!!! ----