Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meeting Tammie and The Hellions!

Last week, I got to meet Tammie and her gorgeous triplets! They are so beautiful – like living dolls, these kids. My sister and I were carrying on the rest of the day about how beautiful they were. And then when Brian came home he checked out our pictures and said, “WOW, those are some good looking kids.” Its unanimous…we’re in love with your kids, Tammie!
When they showed up, my babies were taking their morning nap so we hung out and had some strawberries. Look how cute her kids were munching on strawberries!

Henry with the 'motorcycle'

Look at those eyelashes!

Abigail munching on strawberries



Lovin' some strawberries

Jack playing and not even phased by my camera in his cute!

Then we went out into the backyard and they cracked us up with their incredible imaginations. I love the way kids think. So full of wonder and able to make any situation fun! They were having a blast running around with my sister. So adorable to watch them play and to listen to the things they would say.

Jack Jumping

Exploring with Pam

LOOK at this handsome face!

Abigail...such a ham! She was made for the camera!

Abigail and Henry in the grass

Handsome boys

The boys were hiding. This was SO CUTE.

Henry was SERIOUS about hiding!

Abigail with flowers Henry picked one too.
Abigail – this girl took my breath away. Seriously beautiful.

Then it was time for my babies to eat lunch so the big kids got to meet the babies. They were so sweet and wonderful to my babies. REALLY well behaved and kind. It was so much fun having SIX kids in my house!
Now, did I take any pictures of Tammie and I together or of any of my babies? No, not so much. DUH! I didn’t even think about it once my babies woke up from their nap since it was feeding time and I got busy! We’ll definitely have to do it again so I can actually get some pictures of all the kids together.
Tammie has been so supportive throughout my pregnancy, post-partum period and every stage in this triplet journey. It was about time to meet her in person! It was so cool to finally meet another set of triplets and another triplet Mom! I really enjoyed hanging out and talking with her. She had so much wisdom and support to offer since she’s the seasoned pro! Tammie is so down to earth and REAL – We really loved her.

Thanks so much Tammie (and kids!) for coming all the way down with the stroller and for hanging out with us! We'll definitely see you soon!