Tuesday, November 6, 2007

26w4d - Strict Home Bedrest Day 1

26w4d - Strict Home Bedrest Day 1
Hi Everyone-

Thanks for all of your e-mails and phone calls and comments! I will try and respond to each e-mail but if I don't, please don't take it personally and know that I am so grateful and love hearing from you. It means so much to hear from you. Thank you.

I've been dying to get on the computer today but it was all packed up and I couldn't get to it myself because the bag was heavy and I am not supposed to lift anything. It took everything in me to resist the urge to lug it out myself but I knew that it was not best for the babies so I left the computer sitting there. My friend JK works around the corner so she came by after work to be here while I showered (I hadn't showered since SUNDAY NIGHT!) and she got my computer out and hooked up for me. So here I am, back in business - Thanks JK!

To get you caught up...

Dr. Lanrty came at lunchtime yesterday and I seriously almost tackled her, I was so excited to see her. We chatted a while about the big surprise visit from DeVore the night before and she was pleased about his report and that the babies are doing well. She said that I could go home after eating lunch! She also said that this is IT...she's probably admitting me at the next appointment, which is a week from tomorrow - and that I'll be in for the long haul then (i'll be almost 28 weeks pregnant then). So I have a week or so to be at home and sleep in my own bed until I have to be on hospital bedrest. Its nice to have a date to prepare for. When she admitted me last friday, I was so surprised and overwhelmed. I felt unprepared and a little panicky. I'll be much better the next time since I am expecting it and I can gear up. This weekend was all a little stressful for Brian and me. Unexpectedly getting admitted; thinking I wasn't going to be able to come home until the babies were born; my being SO SICK, worrying about baby B; etc. But now, we're thankful that I am home for the time being and have time to sit down and map out the next week.

So Dr. Lantry officially put me on strict bedrest until I go back. I need to be laying on my side all the time. Which means I can only get up to use the restroom, shower once a day and get my meals. I can't do ANY meal prep - I can't even make my own PB & J's. Brian has to prepare my meals for me so that all I have to do is grab and lay back down to eat. Luckily I had plenty to eat today. Last night after we came home from the hospital, our friends Andy & Sandy dropped off Claim Jumper dinners which was enough for dinner last night and helped to feed me all day today. Tons of food - I've never had Claim Jumper and I didn't know their portions were so huge! What a great choice, thanks guys! Brian also made PB & Js and portioned out some easy to grab snacks which really helped. Its an adjustment for sure. Before I get up to get my meals, I have to know exactly what I am getting so I don't spend any time standing too long. If I forget something, too bad! If I drop something on the floor, oh well! This is tough because I am constantly dropping things since my fingers are not working at 100%. I have to train myself not to get up all day. I didn't realize how much I got up throughout the day until now.

Pregnancy-wise, I feel like I've gone to a point of no return. Like the babies suddenly grew 100 lbs while I was in the hospital. I feel crappy. Its not going away. I am in pain everywhere. I cannot breathe. Especially when I have a contraction, which isn't too often thank goodness. I am out of breath just laying down. Especially when baby C decides to stretch out and shove his feet into my lung, which is already right under my throat. I am stretched to capacity. My ribs hurt. There are unmentionable things that hurt. I can't feel my lower back sometimes. And when I do, it hurts so bad. No position change, breathing exercise, amount of laying down provides any relief. My hands tingle and twitch and I can't grip anything as well as I used to...which explains why I keep dropping things and why I can't write well with a pen (those thank you cards are going to be quite sloppy!). The pressure I feel "down there" makes any menstrual pressure or discomfort I've ever had seem like nothing. There are places that feel like they're being pulled apart and tearing, which I guess makes sense because they are. I cannot believe how bad I feel. I know that's not what you want to hear - its certainly not what I want to tell you. But I know I am going into the 'fun part' of the pregnancy that I've been warned about and its not for the weak and weary. Its amazing how quickly I've gotten to this place. Like everything changed overnight. And maybe it did. When I was in the hospital, I noticed when I stopped feeling 'sick' from the stomach bug. But I also noticed that I felt worse in other ways. I didn't know at the time if it was just the steroids or the lack of sleep or what. But I knew I felt a whole lot worse pregnancy-wise. And here I am and its still the case. I guess I wasn't expecting to feel this bad, this early. I thought This awful business would start closer to week 30. Now, they're just trying to get me to week 28 and 'see what happens' from there. This scares the crap out of me because I really want the babies to have more time to cook. But like I was told early in the pregnancy, I am short (5 foot 4-ish) and there is only so far I can stretch. Taller women with more space between their ribs and pelvis generally do better and go longer in multiples pregnancies. It makes sense - more room. But I want to go 33 weeks! I want these babies have more time. I want their lungs to be strong!

I just got hit with the sleepies , which makes sense because its late! Tomorrow is my birthday and my sister is coming over to take care of things and keep me company. I am SO GRATEFUL that I get to be home for my birthday and not in the hospital. :)

Thanks for all of your prayers and support.

Much Love,