Friday, August 3, 2007

12.5w pre-update

Actually, it it was 12.5 weeks when I had the ultrasound and today I hit 13 weeks! Second trimester, here we are!!! I was really hoping to wake up feeling energetic and with no traces of nausea. NO SUCH LUCK! However, I am feeling better than I did a couple of weeks ago so I PRAY it keeps improving. I am feeling lots of relief since we've passed a real mark. First trimester down. 2 to go!
Now, for the real reason you came here...
I was actually waiting to update because Brian is still working on getting the DVD we got from the fetal diagnostic specialist converted to something I can post. Unfortunately, I have no photographs but we have a live recording of the ultrasound! So hang tight and I'll give you all the details very soon.
Most importantly, everything seems ok so far. Stay tuned and I'll give the complete update ASAP!